Zeal & Ardor Frontman's Favourite Horror Films

In a recent chatwith Manuel Gagneux - engineer and architect behind the enigmatic project Zeal & Ardor - we learned about the band's debut album Devil Is Fine and his favourite eerie movies...

On the concept behind Zeal & Ardor's debut album Devil Is Fine, he said:

"While working on another project I noticed I missed making strange and harder music. Didn't quite know how to go about doing it but I'd say that was the catalyst. The idea came from 4chan actually. Just random people suggesting musical genres to blend. What intrigued me about this particular combination was the religious aspect. Since Norwegians had Christianity negate or at the very least dampen their own beliefs and American slaves had to adapt to Christianity as well there was a coherence. But the only ones who rebelled against Christianity culturally were the Norwegians. Zeal & Ardor is basically alternate history fiction in which American slaves revolt against Christianity using occult methods."

And here is a list of his top horror movies. Needless to say, we find number five particularly harrowing.

5. Ouja: Origin Of Evil

(A great sequel to a shitty film paying homage to 80s horror in cinematography and pacing surprisingly good.)


4. The Thing

3. La Jetée

2. The Shining

1. Paul Blart Mall Cop

Listen to Devil Is Fine now: