Watch This Guy Play Korn Songs Using Corn

It's almost too easy to make corn jokes about Korn, but lately the memes have been ripe for the picking. There was Aaron Gocs' viral video with cornrow hair listening to Korn while eating corn, then only a couple of weeks ago Korn's guitarist Munky himself got in on the joke, filling his own shopping trolley full of corn cobs.

Bass wizard and YouTuber Davie504 didn't think the joke had gone far enough though, and has decided to smash out a Korn medley using actual corn. Turns out popcorn makes for a really good guitar pick and cobs make great drumsticks! Watch the hilarity below:

The joke has reached its peak. Well played, Davey. Is there a Korn tribute band out there called 'Corn' that only uses corn for live shows? We might be onto something...yeah, probably not.

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