Watch the Super Mario Theme Played on a Nintendo Guitar

Every once in a while, a piece of music gear catches our eye as something completely different. Whether it be Jared Dines' 18-string monstrosity of an axe, or corn cobs used to cover Korn songs, people will find any excuse to make some crazy shit make musical notes.

Take this for example; YouTuber Rob Scallon owns a guitar in which the body is shaped and styled exactly like an old-school NES console. What's even cooler is that it apparently works as a functioning NES as well as a shred machine too! So, what better way to show it off than playing the Super Mario theme note for note? Check it out:

While Rob scored the guitar on the gear marketplace Reverb, he's actually offering up the chance to own this baby via a raffle for one lucky viewer. It could be you; all you need to do is sign up to Reverb here and enter the comp!