Watch Ten Second Songs Freak His Friend Out with Music From an Alternate Reality

It's been a little while since we've posted anything from Ten Second Songs, but this latest video really is fantastic. 

It starts off with Anthony Vincent telling his friend Steve that he's run out of ideas for his channel, so the pair decide to go for a drive to brainstorm. Upon Steve being asked to chuck on some tunes for the trip, he goes to Nirvana's Nevermind,only to find that Nirvana never actually released it - Green Day did.

Then playing the song, we hear a recording of Vincent doing Nirvana in the style of Green Day to make it look like his friend has just entered some batshit alternate reality. Other switch-ups throughout include Nickelback and Guns N' RosesNirvana and the Foo Fighters and Metallica with The Beatles. All the while, Vincent pretends that everything is normal and Steve is the weird one!

Yeah look, it's pretty hard to explain so check out the hilarious video yourself for a better idea:


We love how good Anthony Vincent's impressions are, because he totally makes some of these plausible. How different would the world be today if these were real?

Listen to Anthony Vincent now.


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