Watch Slipknot's Jay Weinberg in Awesome Interview With Young Punk Kid

Elliot Fullam from the YouTube channel Little Punk People is a young kid whose resume already eclipses that of most professional interviewers beyond his years; he's interviewed some of the biggest names in heavy music like James Hetfield and Phil Anselmo, and his guests always appear stoked and nervous to be talking to such a young fan of the music.

His latest chat is with Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg, who is asked about all sorts of things including his passionate stance on climate change, his top 5 favourite metal bands of all time and his feelings on the band's new record We Are Not Your Kind hitting #1 in the US to name a few!

Elliot exudes such a cool vibe throughout which always gets his subjects giving great answers, which makes it hard not to love him. Check it out:

Head on over to the channel to lose yourself in a wealth of other awesome interviews with Elliot!

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