Watch Slipknot, Havok and Ex-Shinedown Members Cover Sepultura at Roadrunner Records Tribute Show

At a recent Roadrunner Records tribute fest in Nashville, Jay Weinberg (Slipknot), David Sanchez (Havok), Jasin Todd (ex-Shindown/Fuel) and Brandon Bruce (Time Trap) came together to deliver some sick covers of Sepultura's 'Arise', the opening track from their 1991 album of the same name, and 'Refuse/Resist' from 1993's Chaos A.D.

There's definitely an appropriate amount of percussion on stage to get things sounding as tribal as possible. Check out both of the covers below!


Metal Fest was put on by Roadrunner Records on September 20 and had heaps of local musicians jump on stage throughout the night, complete with some special guests who turned out to be these guys! Definitely a nice surprise for those in attendance. And the show was only $10 to boot!