Watch Possessed Talk About Inventing Death Metal in Mini-Documentary


"Hi, I'm Jeff Becerra from the band Possessed, and in 1983 I coined the term 'death metal' and created the first death metal band."

A new mini-documentary from Nuclear Blast looks at the origins of death metal with the genre's pioneers Possessed, who have just announced their first album release in 33 years.

It's a fascinating 5-minute look into both the birth of the genre and the beginnings of Possessed, whose goals were to differentiate from other metal at the time by creating "the heaviest, most satanic, fastest and most evil band on the planet".  It looks as though there will be more parts uploaded as we get closer to the release of their new album Revelations Of Oblivion on May 10. Have a look:

Last week, Possessed released a new track called 'No More Room In Hell', which shows the band firing on all cylinders with some tasty old-school death metal vibes.

Listen to Possessed now.