Watch Pantera's 'Walk' Played in the Style of Korn, Arch Enemy, Sepultura and More

There's a lot of great metal content out there in the vast digital ocean, and YouTuber Pete Cottrell creates some of the best with his 1 Riff 20 Bands series, where he takes a riff from one band and translates it into a ton of other styles!

In this episode, Pete takes the iconic strutting riff from Pantera's 'Walk' and gives it a makeover in the style of Marilyn MansonMastodonKornSepultura and The Dillinger Escape Plan to name only a few.


We're definitely loving that very specific reference to Metallica's St. Anger era with a very crappy-sounding snare to boot! Nice attention to detail Pete.

Make sure you head on over to his YouTube channel for heaps of other great metal-related content including gear reviews and other crazy experiments!