Watch Nickelback Songs Played in Drop E Tuning

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Say whatever you want about Nickelback (there's always a lot to say), but they can write a pretty good riff here and there!

Whilst heading down a YouTube rabbit hole, we've come across this video of Andrew Baena tuning his 8-string guitar down an entire octave to play some Nickelback songs. Is it heavy? Yes. Is it a ridiculous premise? Yes, it is. But it's kind of interesting to hear the original riffs in such a different light.

Andrew tackles songs across their catalogue like Something In Your Mouth, This Means War, Side of a Bullet and the recent Feed The MachineHave a look:

Head on over to this guy's channel for more fun content like busking on the streets with djent music and down-tuned versions of TriviumSystem Of A Down and others. Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need!