Watch Metallica's 'One' Played on One String

It's been a pretty common thing for metal YouTubers to accept challenges from fans which range from difficult to downright bizarre; very recently a video popped up of Davie504 accepting a challenge to play Korn songs using actual corn, and now we have Pete Cottrell who has been challenged to play Metallica's 'One' using only one string and one guitar.

And boy, he smashed it! Pete's managed to play the entire six-minute song with the one string (yes, including the solos). Okay, technically it's just the one string and guitar layered over the top of itself, but it's still rather impressive. Have a gander:

He also uploaded a video earlier this year where he took a riff from 'Enter Sandman' and used it in the style of 20 different bands. Very talented guy!

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