Watch Matt Heafy Perform Acoustic Cover of A Day To Remember's 'All I Want'

Between being the frontman for Trivium, going to the Grammy Awards and raising twins, it's any wonder that Matt Heafy finds the time to keep on streaming via his Twitch channel, but we aren't exactly complaining!

His latest cover is an acoustic take on A Day To Remember's 'All I Want' from their 2010 album What Separates Me From You, and it honestly works a lot more than some of his other covers which are just a purely distorted guitar on its own.

If you were expecting him to drop any silly screams out of the blue, it never happens, instead opting to keep it clean for the entire cover. It's still pretty good, check it out:

There's no word on a follow up release to Trivium's last record The Sin And The Sentence in 2017, although they did embark on a US tour late last year with YouTuber Jared Dines and Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) filling in for Heafy while he flew home for the birth of his twins.

Listen to A Day To Remember now.