Watch Mastodon Played in the Style of Rammstein, Static X and More

From Nickelback songs played in drop E tuning to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' sung in the style of David Bowie, YouTubers are always uploading entertaining experiments to twist music on its head.

Pete Cottrell has his own series called '1 Riff 20 Bands', where he takes the riff of one band in particular and appropriates it in the style of other metal bands. In this particular instance, he's taken Mastodon's 'Blood And Thunder' and given it a spin in the style of RammsteinNine Inch NailsStatic X and Animals As Leaders  to name a few. They're actually pretty accurate representations of each band's style; check out the video to see which other bands make an appearance!

Head over to Pete's official channel for other fantastical experiments including up-tuned metal, shredding without using a guitar pick and heaps more.