Watch Mac Sabbath's Fast Food Version of Black Sabbath's 'Sweet Leaf'

Mac Sabbath are an American tribute band who purely exist to parody Black Sabbath songs by making them McDonald's themed. No, we're not joking - they formed in 2014, coined the genre 'Drive Thru Metal' and have taken McDonalds Black Sabbath puns to an ungodly level with their new parody of the band's 1971 track 'Sweet Leaf', calling it 'Sweet Beef'.

With the band members dressing up as the fast-food chain's mascots, the video is super weird, but we can't seem to look away! Check it out:

You can head to Mac Sabbath's YouTube channel to see some cool live clips as well as another video for 'Pair-a-Buns', a great parody of 'Sabotage'.

We reckon the idea for this band started out as a harmless joke between friends, before turning into something much bigger.  They've even got a full US tour booked next month! What a time to be alive.

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