Watch Jonathan Davis Feature on Skynd's Creepy 'Gary Heidnik'

Skynd are a dark electronic duo who have just released their debut EP Chapter 1 which contains three tracks all named after serial killers. For the track 'Gary Heidnik', the duo were able to land Korn's Jonathan Davis to add his own vocals and signature scatting behind the electronic soundscape to make for a deeply unsettling listening experience. Davis also appears in the song's video which is just as creepy and probably NSFW. Check it out below!

Gary Heidnik was a serial killer and rapist with six women victims, murdering two of them, while holding them prisoner in his basement. In an interview about the track with Metal HammerDavis said:

“You can watch videos of the one girl that escaped. I watched her video, and that’s where I got my line, ‘The food looks good enough, good enough to eat,’ because he was feeding them dog food laced with their friends. So that’s some dark shit. Skynd’s been waiting for a long time to get this shit out, it’s going to be awesome.”

While there isn't much info available about the duo, we do know that their first songs were recorded at a studio in Sydney, and there seem to be a couple of other clues in interviews which suggest they could be from Australia.

Listen to SKYND now.