Watch Jared Dines and Stevie T Face Off With Their Enormous Guitars

One of YouTube's most entertaining metal beefs between Jared Dines and Stevie T has come to an incredible climax, where the two face off against each-other on a stormy cliff side with their oversized weapons of djent!

The saga first began in early 2018 when Dines received a custom 18-string guitar and proclaimed himself as the "King of Djent" - a title which stood, up until fellow metal YouTuber Steve Terreberry took a direct swipe at Dines by ordering a custom 20-string guitar to get one up on him.

After the two exchanged tongue-in-cheek stabs at each other via reaction videos and social media, the two have come together to settle once and for all, who the rightful djent king is.

Titled Djent 2019, the video is shot and edited superbly, and the music the two play throughout is actually pretty cool for what it's worth. Check out the clip below: 

Pack it up folks, djent is over. It's done.