Watch Dog Metal Band The Bubbas Perform 'Who Poo Poo'd In My House?'

Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to while you're out of the house all day? Well let us tell you, some of them get together and actually start death metal bands! At least, according to these four dogs' owners, that's exactly what happened.

Called The Bubbasthe band consists of his four dogs Frankus (Vocals) Kathy (Guitar) Hattee Lew (Bass) and Goose (Drums), and heck, they're bloody brutal; Frankus' growls could pass off as some actual black metal vocals!

Listen to their debut single 'Who Poo Poo'd In My House?' below; we promise it's both the cutest and best thing you'll see all day! And before you ask, the puppers were rewarded with many treats for their co-operation:


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