Watch Bury Your Dead's Crazy New 'The Color of Money' Live Video

American metalcore veterans Bury Your Dead have released a chaotic new live clip of 'The Color of Money' from their Still Alive concert at Chain Reaction in Anaheim from March, where they re-created their now-infamous 2005 live setAlive.

The clip starts with vocalist Mat Bruso reminiscing about the show back in 2005 before it cuts to the live clip with Mat's preamble to the performance:

"When I wrote this song, me and my sister Melissa sitting down in a fucking Denny's...writing these words about how I grew up...I could have never imagined that it would come to mean anything to anybody. And, as it turns out, for some people, this song means a lot." 

The crowd go pretty nuts for this one - check it out:


The band also announced their first new music in eight years with the huge single 'Collateral', and have since announced a new EP called We Are Bury Your Dead will be released on October 11.

Listen to Bury Your Dead now.