Watch Alien Weaponry Perform 'Kai Tangata' at New Zealand Music Awards

It's always a bit of a laugh to watch metal unleashed on an unsuspecting audience. Similar to when Body Count performed at the Grammy Awards earlier in the year, we now have televised footage of New Zealand's young metal prodigies Alien Weaponry performing their tribal 'Kai Tangata' at NZ's Grammy equivalent in Auckland's Spark Arena.

Though it's a pretty crap setting to have a heavy band play in front of a few thousand people sat around at tables, the three teenagers delivered a huge performance of the song which sounded as good as the album's recording. They even brought along some intense Maori warriors to make the whole thing true to their tribal style. Thankfully, while the audience seem dead throughout the whole video, they do show their appreciation at the end. Check it out!

Alien Weaponry are one of the bands playing next year's Download Festival we're really keen to check out! Having released their debut album Tū in June, it reached #5 on New Zealand's music charts and gained them a worldwide following.

Listen to Alien Weaponry now.