Watch 1,000 People Play Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name' Together

You thought Slipknot had a lot of members? Try this on for size - on July 7, 1,000 musicians gathered in a German arena to simultaneously perform Rage Against The Machine's classic 'Killing In The Name' for a huge stadium crowd.

The performance was put together by Rockin' 1000, who claim that they're the "biggest rock band in the world" (they're probably right), and as you can see from the montage below, the band contains a crazy amount of drum kits, guitars, basses, brass instruments and singers all going at the same time.

It's probably safe to assume that only select few audio tracks would have made it into the final mix, but that engineer would have had his work cut out for him! Check it out:

Could you imagine how much planning and logistics would have gone into something like this? Definitely wouldn't have been a small task...

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