The 'School Of Rock' Guitarist Has Been Arrested for Stealing Guitars

In what might be one of the most ironic headlines in recent times, actor Joey Haydos Jr. has been arrested four times in his native Florida for stealing guitars from music stores, now currently facing larceny and theft charges.

Why is that ironic, you ask? Well as it turns out, Joey actually played the lead guitarist Zack in Jack Black's classic film School Of Rock back in 2003.

Apparently the four arrests have taken place over the last five weeks, and TMZ (take it with a grain of salt) now reports that the now 25-year-old also stole two amps from his dad, claiming the thefts are related to a drug addiction.

Here's some video footage of the theft. Joey's on the right:

And here's Zack Attack riffing with the band in School Of Rock:

Guess he took the line 'No you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore' too literally!