The Ghost Inside Are Officially Working On a New Album

After The Ghost Inside made a triumphant return to the stage for an emotional comeback show last month, it was still unclear as to where the band would go moving forward.

But just yesterday, the band tweeted out an image in the studio with the caption "Update: Album #5", also tagging producer extraordinaire Will Putney and A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon, which leads us to believe that the band are working with both guys on a brand new record!


The Ghost Inside had been out of action since 2015, when a fatal bus accident killed both drivers at the time and hospitalised every band member. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost his right leg in the ordeal, and has since re-learned drumming with the aid of a device called "The Hammer", which was created for him by his dad.

Can't wait to hear what these guys have in store!

Listen to The Ghost Inside now.