The Benny Hill Theme Mixed With Slayer's 'Angel Of Death' is So Dumb It's Hilarious

Benny Hill and Slayer; the two things should never even cross paths in the same sentence. But here we are, with a ridiculous mashup of the two from Andy Refheldt, the man who also brought us the much happier version of Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' and many other hilarious edits.

Mixing the vocals from 'Angel Of Death' over the famous Benny Hill theme song results in something way more hilarious than it theoretically should be, and we're not sure if we're upset or thankful it exists. You be the judge:

If you need to erase this abomination from your mind, feel free to chuck on some actual Slayer below and get keen and/or sad for their farewell shows at Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne next year!

Listen to Slayer now.