That Time Slayer Played Bam Margera's Housewarming Party in 2004

2004 was a time when stunt group Jackass were riding high from the wild success of their films, and Bam Margera had found his own mega-success with Viva La Bam - a spin-off show which followed him and his friends screwing with his house, family and friends.

Bam would often have special guests appearing on the show, and on one particular episode in 2004, he invited Slayer to perform at his housewarming party. Bam recalled the party in an interview with Revolver, saying:

"When I first moved in, I didn't know that I was moving in next door to the township supervisor," he recalled."She's this old lady who, the first day I moved in, threw a housewarming party for me with cake and stuff. But I never showed up. Instead, I had Slayer play the loudest concert they've ever heard the first day I moved in."

Slayer's appearance in the episode begins at around the 16:30 mark, with their set following shortly after. Tons of headbanging can be seen, and even Don Vito has himself a little crowdsurf (wouldn't want to be under that guy though)!

Jeff Hanneman tragically passed away in 2013 from liver failure, while Dave Lombardo also left the band in 2013 which does make the viewing somewhat bittersweet. Check it out:


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