Stone Sour Drummer Roy Mayorga Recalls The Time He Ripped His Nipple Ring Out On-Stage.

Stone Sour band photo

We were lucky enough to get some face-time at Good Things Festival in Melbourne with Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga

We spoke to Roy about a bunch of his music festival experiences, including the time he accidentally ripped his nipple ring out with his drum-stick while performing. For those drummers out there metal hoops in your nips - consider this fair warning to wear a shirt (or maybe even electrical tape?) while you're performing.

"The worst thing that ever happened to me on stage was when I ripped my nipple ring out with my drumstick," says Roy. "That was during a show when I was playing drums for Soulfly and it was in Philadelphia at the Trocaderu. Like two songs in I did this funny move and the tip of the stick went in the ring. I went to hit the cymbal and yanked that fucker right out. I saw the whole thing in slow motion."

Luckily for the punters, Roy was a trooper and pushed through the pain to finish the set. Watch the whole interview now to find out how he got through the show and find out about some of this other thoughts on music festivals.

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