Slipknot Fans May Have Finally Worked Out Who 'Tortilla Man' Is

With all the talk of Slipknot's new album We Are Not Your Kind doing the rounds, one question which has remained unanswered after Chris Fehn exited the band in March is: "Who is the new #3?".

Dubbed by fans as Tortilla Man for the mask, the identity of said man has remained a mystery until this day, with Shawn Crahan saying it's "nobody's fucking business" who it is, and fans speculating it could be the drummer of Death Grips.

But, now one user over on Reddit has gone to incredulous depths to deduce who the mystery man is, and they think that it's - *DRUMROLL* - Michael Pfaff.

Who is Michael Pfaff? Well, he is a pianist and percussionist who is in Crahan's band Dirty Little Rabbits, and they were even introduced to each other by Slipknot's DJ Sid Wilson back in the day. The user also notes Pfaff's similar build to the masked #3 we've been seeing, and his on-stage movements are also familiar. Head on over to the thread for a full explanation, but below you can find some videos and photos of the guy sans-mask:

What do you think? Is the #3 Michael Pfaff or someone else? Let us know!

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