Possessed Release Unsettling "Graven" Music Video, Watch Now

The legendary pioneers of death metal Possessed are back in full force, having just released their first album in 33 years (you read that right), and pushing forward with a grim new music video for the track 'Graven', which you can watch below.

If there's a familiar face in there that you can't put your finger on, that would be the Swedish actor Peter Stormarewho has appeared in a whole bunch of huge films like FargoThe Big LebowskiBad Boys II and Armageddon to name a few! In the clip he plays an unholy priest who summons evil forces to kill everyone in the church. 

The track is from Revelations Of Oblivion, which is Possessed's third album since forming in 1983! Check out the latest part in their documentary which explores how they were behind the literal creation of death metal.

Listen to Possessed now.