Listen to Trivium's Re-Recorded Version of Their 2003 Song 'Pillars Of Serpents'

Long-time Trivium fans are gonna be stoked on this one - the band have just released a re-recorded version of 'Pillars of Serpents', the second track from their 2003 debut album Ember to Inferno!

It was originally included as a bonus track on the Japanese version of their latest album The Sin And The Sentence with the official title 'Pillars of Serpents '17', but the updated version has now been unleashed globally on YouTube and Spotify.

The original version was played in drop D tuning and had a very raw edge to its production, while the new recording has been given a shiny new coat of paint with a huge mix and a heavier edge with drop C tuning.

Have a listen to both the new track and the original for comparison below:

Can you believe Matt Heafy was only 17 when Trivium wrote and recorded Ember to Inferno

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