Listen to Killswitch Engage Songs Tuned Down Even Further

You might already think that Killswitch Engage are a pretty heavy band, but YouTuber Andrew Baena decided to see what it would sound like if the band's songs were played on a 7-string guitar in a drop G# tuning, four entire steps down from Killswitch's drop C tuning found in most of their tracks.

For a point of reference, bands like PeripheryThe Acacia Strain and Architects sometimes go down to drop G#, so it's quite a low tuning. The end result is super-heavy, as Andrew runs through a bunch of riffs from tracks like 'The Arms Of Sorrow''My Curse''Rose Of Sharyn' and 'In Due Time'

A lot of the melody does lose its clarity but the open chugs sound heavier than ever. Check it out below:

What do you think? Would you prefer Killswitch with a lower tuning? Let us know!