Jared Dines Has Mastered His 18 String Guitar in New Video.

Remember when YouTuber Jared Dines teamed up with Aussie guitar crafstmen Ormsby Guitars to hatch this 18-string monstrosity at NAMM earlier in the year?

We kind of laughed at the thought of such a bizarre instrument being remotely playable, but a new video aptly titled 'Djent 2018' has really made us eat our words. Jared shows us the range of notes the guitar can hit (3 full octaves, that bottom string is basically a brown note) before tapping, picking, using a violin bow and a comically huge guitar pick in an original composition with equal parts bright melody and filthy low-end.

Kudos to Jared for being creative enough to turn a gimmick into a legitimate songwriting tool, but we still have some burning questions; how long would it have taken just to tune? And where does the whole djent movement even go from here? Only time will tell.