Hellyeah Will Release Final Album Featuring Vinnie Paul in 2019

A few months ago we learned that Hellyeah were back in the studio, apparently finishing up their album that was in the works when Vinnie Paul passed away. Now, we've been offered an update via Facebook to coincide with America's Thanksgiving celebrations.

"Happy Thanksgiving Hellions!! See you all next year and with a new record that is going to blow you away!!"

Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders told SiriusXM in an interview earlier this year: 

"We're in the middle of huge things right now. This is the last thing you expect to hear. We're in the studio right now, man. We're doing a record, [this is] everything that Vinnie lives for. It's devastating, man.

The music that I'm sitting on right now, it makes me so happy to hear it, to have all the music done. We're doing vocals now, we're like 75 percent done with this record. [The] tour's starting in September, all these festivals [are booked]. We just were on the phone with Vinnie talking about the game plan."

Vinnie Paul left the music world in shock back in June after he passed away from coronary heart disease at 54 years of age. 2019 will be a big year for posthumous releases, after nu-metal legends Static-X also announced they would be releasing a new album with the last-known Wayne Static recordings.