Avenged Sevenfold Will Release a New EP Very Soon

Avenged Sevenfold have announced that they will be releasing a new EP very soon, which will consist of four tracks the band have written for the Call of Duty: Black Ops video game series. A7X initially recorded 'Not Ready To Die' for the first Black Ops game way back in 2010, before releasing two tracks 'Carry On' and 'Jade Helm' for the next games in the franchise. 

With the latest iteration, Black Ops 4, due out on October 12, fans have been sharing around clips of a new song from the band used as part of a game trailer which you can listen to below:

This means with the EP supposedly including this fourth new song as part of its tracklisting, we can assume that it will be out really soon. In an interview with Kerrang!, vocalist M. Shadows had this to say on the new track:

“The song is dark and brooding,” he revealed. “We wanted to capture a difference feeling than a straight-ahead ‘zombie killer’ track. These songs are good places for us to experiment with our sound. I would put this in the category of ‘dark alternative.'”

Maybe this also means the beginnings of a new album as well! We can only hope.

Listen to Avenged Sevenfold now.