Aussie Rockers Idle Fret Drop 'The Bitter Pill' Music Video.

Idle Fret guitarist Shaun Webb performs 'The Bitter Pill'.

Aussie rockers Idle Fret have released a brand new official video for their track The Bitter Pill and we are lucky enough to share it with you first!

No strangers to the outback pub tour circuit, Idle Fret have shared stages with the likes of Kingswood and The Dead Daisies and are champing at the bit to bring their catchy melodies, thumping drums, bone shaking bass and crunching guitar riffs to the next generation of Aussie rock fans.

"We filmed the video at one of our Melbourne shows, The Evelyn Hotel with a lot of behind the scenes footage compiled from the last few years. The video really shows our story as a regional based band." says drummer Ryan Nicholson. "While we pull big crowds in the country, we aren’t really well-known in the city. Kind of the opposite to most rock bands who pull crowds in the city and perhaps not so much in the country."

"The video shows a glimpse of how hectic life is behind the scenes. Regional based bands need to go to the extra effort you know? We don’t have a decent recording studio 20 minutes down the road - we need to drive four hours. I think most people we know don’t realise how much work and travel goes into our band. There's only so much a generic “thanks for the support” Facebook post can convey. A lot of memories come back when watching the video, and it makes me proud to see what we have achieved."

"A funny memory from the show we filmed the video at was one of the bands took two hours to do a sound check. We jumped up and literally did a sound check in about 5 minutes, without Hayden our singer, he was speeding down the Hume because he had a game of footy that day. He literally parked the car, ran into the venue, and jumped on stage just as we were starting. That kind of sums up how we are as a band."

On state of the Australian regional music scene Ryan adds:

"I’m pretty proud of our local music scene in Albury/Wodonga. You would be surprised how many people in the industry don’t take regional based bands seriously. I hope this video shows Australia’s music platform is growing and it’s not just the major cities that produce the goods. I hope a bunch of twelve year-olds from Wagga Wagga or bloody Birdsville see this and think “shit, If they can do that, we can do that”. We're just trying to get our music heard. Take it easy and have some fun."

Idle Fret are:

Hayden Edwards (Vocals)
Daniel Edwards (Rhythm Guitar)
Shaun Webb (Lead Guitar)
Ryan Nicholson (Drums)
Harry O'Connell (Bass)

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