5 Crazy Heavy Live Performances


‘Holy shit!’ would probably be the best way to describe this bands live performances. Is it punk? Is it metal? Who knows, but its fucking Gwar. Monsters from some sort of 4th dimension squirting blood, guts and goo, Gear puts on a memorable show. Try writing Gwar for an article and watch auto-correct lose its fucking mind. Thanks apple, real treat. Anyway, here’s a video of Gwar, doing Gwar things.


Rammstein became popular with the English speaking world vastly because of their insane live shows. Often labelled as ‘the worlds most perverse band’, they incorporate fireworks, face-mounted flame throwers, and singer Till Lindemann often lights himself on fire for the performance of their self-titled anthem Rammstein. The Australian DVD and VHS releases of Live Aus Berlin had Büch Dich removed because it showed Lindemann sodomising keyboardist Christian Lorenz with a fake, semen-squirting, rubber cock.


Suicide Silence

There is nothing gimmicky about Suicide Silence’s performances, but anyone who has seen them live will attest to the energy of their shows. People are generally split 50/50 over Mitch Lucker, but love him or hate him, he is one front man that can get your attention. Can Eddie Hermida rival Mitch Lucker though, that is the question...


Pyrotechnics, bashing beer kegs, crowd participation, upside-down-rotating-drumkit, crazy costumes, masks and killer metal; Slipknot has it all. If ever you want a crazy live show, look no further than nine-piece band from Iowa.


The kings of metal have been putting on crazy live performances since before most of us were born, and all these years later, they still kill it. Want to see Cliff Burton shredding the bass? Hit the link below.

Bonus band: Pantera

Everything about Pantera kicks arse. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

What are your top 5 favourite live performances?

Ed Howson